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New! Nalah Goes to Mad Mouse City

  • Nalah Goes to Mad Mouse City by Anne Sawyer Aitch

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Due out December 15th, 2014 · The adventures of Nalah continue! One day Nalah finds herself bored and lonesome because all of her imaginary friends have gone away on vacation. But wait – not all. Mad Tooth, the little mouse who lives in her sock drawer, is still busy munching away on her knee-highs. When she finds out why Nalah is sad, she offers to take her down through the sock drawer into a mouse metropolis. The result is a tale of wild dancing, cousins and mice, taffy and a sock monster.

Nalah and the Pink Tiger

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“Anne has found a way to contain her vibrant performance creativity between the covers of a book…” –Debra Frasier, Author and Illustrator of On the Day You Were Born

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